About us

People started growing nuts and plants that produce seeds in the 10th millennium BC. Nowadays we receive large quantities of information about the research results related to these excellent products. They intrigue, marvel andgladden us. Working in a company -  specialised in commercialisation of dried fruits, nust, spices and teas, nutritional value and positive influence of which on our health is widely written about – urges one to take interest in healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle.  Thanks to our long-time experience and acquired knowledge, we offer a wide range of these products to choose from.

We started our activity in 1998, as an individual trading company, when we opened our first store. In 1998 we became producers and packagers of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and its mixes. Since then, we have been supplying our products to shops and small production companies. With some of them we have been collaborating for more than 16 years now. In 2000 we also started packaging spices and producing their mixes.

In 2013, at the very heart of Kaunas – Laisvės avenue, we opened our fourth store called ‘Baiva’  specialised in dried fruits, nuts and spices. Then we completed our assortment with original tea mixes without artificial additives. We hope that the ones visiting our ‘Baiva” shop will not only acquire products for their daily use, but also for their festive table. We are expecting gourmets who appreciate exceptional taste properties. We also introduce to our customers products that are less widely used, but highly rich in nutritional value. In our shop you will be able to find several types of products sharing the same name, but varying in country of origin, colour, size and, most importantly, taste. We do our best in order not to let our customer down by offering premium-quality products at attractive prices, controlling product preservation conditions in addition to acquisition and production processes. In case you were unable to find some product of your interest in our shop, we promise to do our best to have it here for you tomorrow.